NPB benchmark on Linux

NAS Parallel Benchmarks

Usually use in multi-core system to compare performance. It supports three implementations, and works on Linux and Android.

If the time is limited to wait for the official version, another way is to download Phoronix Test Suite (pts) for Linux, it includes many benchmarks on every aspect. And one of them is NPB.

Downloaded the NPB from pts, go to the source code level folder, it has instructions to run each benchmark or group them together.

1) Using MPI implementation, the compile process can use the defaulting code. When run the program ,  specify the thread number: mpirun -np x program-name

2) For OpenMP implementation, (motivation: UA and DC are not included in MPI version), we need modify the makefile to feed the right thread number we want, otherwise, the default approach only compiles one thread version. On GCC, add -fopenmp option: gcc -o XYZ -fopenmp XYZ.c. For DC, remember to clean the data before next run.  The two benchmark are implement by C and Forturn, so modify two places to add OpenMP option.

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