Forget Windows7 password

For mac and windows two os devices, if the windows password is forget, we can setup another user account and give it administration power.

1. Install “Paragon NTFS for mac”, so that mac can modify ntfs files, which is used in windows os.

2. In mac, rename “cmd.exe” to “narrator.exe”, rename “narrator.exe” to “narrator1.exe”.

3. Restart the machine, hold “option” key, until the interface that you can choose different os .

4. Choose windows, click the left corner ‘Assistant’, check the first one which said (narrator). Then the cmd window shows, key in the following command: (‘Enter’ is the key on the keyboard)

net user admin 123 /add  ‘Enter’

net localgroup administrators admin /add  ‘Enter’

5. Restart the device, enter windows, now you can choose the new added account and enter the windows os.

6.(Optional) You can delete the old user in Control Panel, User and accounts.

7. In mac, change the Narrator1 back to Narrator, and Narrator back to cmd.


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