Xfinity wireless setup

If the former house hold use comcast, you can just ask comcast to activate your internet and install the modem and router by yourself, it is much cheaper.

If you went to service center, they ‘ll give you instruction and cable to connect to your TV cable. First connect the cable and your modem, according to the instruction of the modem, the “online” is stable green, and if the “link” is flash, that means you are using the internet, the data is flowing. Connect to your computer, make sure you can open webpage.

RESTART THE MODEM, and CONNECT TO YOUR ROUTER. then connect to your computer, go to (address may different if use different router, or you can also change the address after first setting), choose DHCP, enter your password.                 

Here you go!  Our modem only recognize the first device it connected, so that ‘s why we need restart after test.

Good Luck!

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