Eclipse plugin and android ADT, crystalsaf prepare

If we need to build a Eclipse Plugin, we need add the The Plug-in Development Environment (PDE). I tried to install it as normal plugins in “Install new software” tab, but for two version of my eclipse, they both said there are conflict exists which stop the update process. The solution is :

re-download a latest version of eclipse (e.g. standard version), itself has the plugin development environment installed.

My goal is doing the static analysis for Android  program, so after the new eclipse I install, next step is add Android ADT plugin in. Similar ways to install ADT, as said, the update websits is          

After restart Eclipse, it will automatically start android SDK to update and download the latest version of Android, e.g. now is Android API 17,

Problem:  1.the original project , like HelloAndroid Can not run , since there is no sdk in the file  2. when new a sample project, the R is unknow resource no reference, the thing is the “gen” file is empty, no file exists.

Solution: manually start sdk manage in Eclipse, and check if all the file is up to date, especially for tools “Android SDK Build-tools”, then update and restart Eclipse. After fully updated, you can chose project-> clean and then build project.

P.S. Since I wrote some apps before which need android framework code to support, and I need to use internal code which is not public to use, so I modified the android sdk and some file of Eclipse. After reinstall eclipse, these files need to redo the operation before those apps can run.

Other tools that useful for plugin develop:

1. crystalsaf framework, helps you build analyze program:

when install it , please make sure you have JDT and PDE. One condition is , right click your project, find if there is JUnit option. Otherwise when you install crystalsaf, it gives you error with no junit4.0.0.0 install. In my case, install java develop tools and java EE     galileo –

2. ASTView, a plugin for present the AST view of the source code

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